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American truck drivers use Turkish bellows

Sami Erol, chief executive officer and member of board of directors of Aktas Holding, stating that North America is one of the most competitive markets of the world, said "Aktas Holding, established in 1938, today the products of which are sold in more than 90 countries in 6 continents, has the position of one of the most important players of the world in the sector with the production and distribution facilities in 6 countries, continues her strong growth in every market she reached.

With this respect we created our logistic hub and sales structure for the Northern American market 5 years ago. We obtained a very important success in 5 years in the region which is the most competitive market of the world and had the position of the brand preferred most in the market. Our products are sold everywhere in North America." Stating that it is required to be strong in the market where your biggest competitors are to be the world leader Erol said "we, with this respect, determined USA and Canada as the target markets five years ago and invested. We obtained a substantial market share when we added the systematical marketing approach and quality to the advantages brought by being embedded in the market. We continue our business with a very strong way in the ruthless competition and grow more in the region every day. Our products are preferred in whole North America from north to south, east to west."

Sami Erol : "We'll be resident".

Noting that they have sales representatives in the east and west regions of Canada together with the 50 states, Erol "We can meet all demands by the market with product range more than 170 in the region with our logistic hub in Chicago which is one of the most important commercial centers of United States of America. Besides, we are at one of the passage points in the highway transportation in the region. Our most important target is to obtain sustainability. I can say that the 5 years we put behind passed extremely efficient for us. This is of course very proud for both the country and Aktas Holding. We will continue our way we took with the target of being the world leader by taking strong steps."

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