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Aktaş Holding has signed important connections in Automechanika

Aktaş Holding, leader in Turkey and in the first three companies in the world in the air suspension bellow sector, has represented our country in "Automechanika Frankfurt 2014", the biggest automotive spare parts exhibition of the world, where hundreds of thousands of participants presented from all world and organized in the city of Frankfurt of Germany biennially.

While the presentation of the automotive supply industry products as well as spare parts and service technology production was made hundreds of thousands of visitors coming from whole world had the opportunity to see the final point where the sector is in the giant exhibition made by Messe Frankfurt.

While 140 thousand visitors from 173 countries participated in this year in the organization organized biennially, Aktaş Holding took great attraction from the visitors in the stand she opened in the exhibition where the latest automotive products with the future technologies are presented.

In the international platform where the products and services of about 200 companies from our country were presented, while there were automotive spare parts, systems, electronic parts, repair and maintenance products, accessories, and all kinds of details for automobiles, Aktaş Holding, having the position of one of the most important players in the global dimension of the sector, got full marks from the participants with the products she presented in the exhibition.

"It provides contribution to the new business connections"

Stating that Automechanika Frankfurt Exhibition has passed very productive in the name of Aktaş, Sami Erol, Chief Executive Officer and member of the board of directors of Aktaş Holding said that the organization had a great contribution to strengthen the existing business unions and establish new business connections.Reminding that their products are located across the world as Aktaş Holding, Erol said that "We had the opportunity to interview with our existing customers and business partners as well as the potential customers in the exhibition. With this respect, we give great importance to Automechanika Exhibition as Aktaş Holding at the point of establishing new business connections and opening to the new markets. We have signed important business connections during the exhibition. I believe in that we represented our country and Aktaş Holding here in the best way by being in the same platform with all players of the sector. With these successful connections we caught, we will have an important advantage for 2015. Making these successful connections without starting 2015 is very important for our future targets. There are positive signals we took for 2015 from North and South American economies. I have firm belief that these signals will provide important data in the name of the future of the sector."

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