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Aktas Holding Landing in America

Aktas Holding which is the leader in Turkey and is one of the top three firms in the world in the sector of air suspension bellows made a business visit to ANA (Aktas North America), providing service in the city of Chicago, the US, and carrying out sales, marketing, logistics and storage of Aktas products throughout North America, mainly in the US, in order to review all actions and define new work plans.

The visit personally participated by Aktas Holding Board Chairman Sahap Aktas and Aktas Holding Chief Executive Officer and Board Member Sami Erol was very productive for Aktas Holding and the progress achieved by ANA in the region within 5 years since its foundation to the present was welcomed by the board members.

Aktas Holding Chief Executive Officer and Board Member Sami Erol who stated that the visit arranged for reviewing all activities of ANA and defining future actions was very productive for Aktas Holding expressed that they are very happy for closing to the market share targets in the region.

"ANA continues to grow in America!"

Erol who reported that ANA continues to grow step by step throughout North America Region, mainly in the US stated that Aktas takes sound steps in all served regions in parallel to its target to be the global leader in the sector. Emphasizing that he believes that ANA which has played an efficient role on the American Market would achieve better points in the following periods, Erol stated that they got an opportunity to closely examine the sector-specific activities in the region through such visits.

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