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Aktas Holding improves its vision with the "Turquality"

Aktas Holding, which is the leader in Turkey and is one of the top three firms in the world in the sector of air suspension spring, played a successful role in the “Director Improvement Program” organized by “Turquality” which has a significant effect on the branding process of Turkey in order to create a joint management language among medium and top level managers of firms and enable these directors to gain the required vision and competencies.

While Ender Akar, R&D Engineering Manager, participated, on behalf of Aktas Holding, in the 11th period of the Director Improvement Program initiated by Turquality, Akar who successfully completed the program caused Aktas to be mentioned in the certificate ceremony.

Akar who received his certificate of success from the hands of the Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekci in the 11th period certificate ceremony held in the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TEA) felt right proud of successful completion of the Turquality Director Improvement Program.

Ender Akar, Aktas Holding R&D and Engineering Manager, who stated that the program, helping in increasing competencies of medium and top level directors in the firms covered by the Turquality in the fields of information management, marketing, technology, human resources and brand, was experienced very efficient for them, attracted attention to the importance given by him to the future vision of Aktas in parallel with the branding process of Turkey.

“We aim at carrying Aktas Brand to the Peak”

Sami Erol, CEO and Board Member of Aktas Holding, also celebrated Akar, who filled them with pride by successfully completing the Turquality Director Improvement Program due to his successful performance. Erol, who reminded that they carry out goals in parallel with the vision of Turkey for 2023 as Aktas Holding, stated that they intensively try to carry Aktas brand to the global leadership in the global arena where the competitive power comes to the forefront. Erol, who emphasized that the branding process and sustainable success have a great importance for Aktas Holding, stated that the brand development program Turquality is extremely important for them in this process.

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