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Intense Interest for Aktas Holding in Automechanika Frankfurt 2016 Fair

Aktas Holding, which effectively takes place almost all sorts of organizations of the sector in the national and international arena, successfully represented our country in Automechanika Frankfurt Fair, where the participants from all geographies of the world took place in the global scale, and which is indicated as one of the prestigious organizations of the sector.


Aktas Holding participated in Automechanika Frankfurt 2016 Fair, which is held biennially under the hosting of Germany since 1975, and made almost an appearance in the organization as well as its Airtech brand air suspension products that can meet the requirements of the era, and Powertech branded quality hose products that it put into use with the new manufacturing facilities.


In Automechanika Fair, which was held between the dates of 13th and 17th of September 2016, and on which the automotive spare parts, systems, electronic parts, repair and maintenance products, accessories and all sorts of actual details for the automobiles were exhibited, Aktas Holding appeared with the participation of its top management, and the interest of the participants was very intense to Aktas which hosted its guests in the stand with and area of 195 m2 in salon 6.1 number B08.


High Record Participation to the Organization

The Fair, which was held in 14 salons, and in an area of 40.516 square meter, and was participated from 170 countries with 136.000 visitors, and 4.820 participant companies could find the opportunity to exhibit their products in the organization.


Aktas Holding, which successfully performs its activities in all points of the world, from Germany to China and From USA to Brazil, signed highly efficient negotiations with the customers and the potential customer candidates from each point of the world, Sami EROL, who is the Chief executive Officer and Member of The Board of Aktas Holding, in his statement said that they as the company left the organization, on which an intensity over the expectations were experienced this year, as extremely satisfied and full of hope for the future.



We will Continue Providing the Highly Added Values to the Sector


Erol, who mentioned about the satisfaction they felt due to the intense interest by the visitors for Aktas Holding and for the products that were developed within the company and in high standards, in the organization that lasted for four days, emphasized that they pursue their future voyage with a comprehension that always aims the excellence.


Sami EROL also overemphasized that as Aktas Holding, they will continue providing the high level added values to the sector by meeting the world-scaled customer expectations in the fastest and effectively with the superior quality products that they developed in modern manufacturing facilities as a result of R&D works

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