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Aktas Holding focused on the Leadership through Digital Branding and Marketing in 2017

Aktas Holding, which exported to more than 100 countries through the direct investments in transportation, building, industry, and green energy fields, and it updated its long and medium term strategic plans in the meeting.

The targets for 2017 and for the future were clearly defined in company with the presentations by various departments, while the overall performance of the company in 2016 that we left behind was discussed in detail completely, via 2017-2020 Strategic Plan Assessment Meeting held by Aktas Holding.

While the meeting took place at Almira Hotel lasted all day long; in the program started with vision, mission, values and target launch, the question of "how value-based management and target-based production approaches will be handled in the companies affiliated to holding companies" was discussed in the form of exchange of ideas.

In addition, in the organization, 'Digital Transformation', 'Corporate Transformation' and 'Strategic Transformation' topics were discussed in detail through the workshop by the designated working groups.

"Conversion to the Culture of Perfection" was Discussed

In the organization, the company's 2017 theme was announced as "Leadership through Digital Branding and Marketing" by Aktas Holding – Chief Executive Officer and Board Member Sami Erol, while the growth strategies were discussed under the heading "Transformation of Excellence in Culture" in the organization.

In the program, Samir Erol, who spoke to the employees with the presentation titled "Management with Strategic Targets", stated that the 2017-2023 targets are to continue to be the pioneer and to grow as the leading brands in the sectors in which they operate.

We Proceed step by Step to Our Goals

Mr. Erol stated that today's world has passed through a period in which the borders are rapidly disappeared, a very rapid change and transformation process is being experienced, and the global competition is increasing day by day, stated that “we as Aktas Holding, which fulfills all the requirements of being a global player in the sector by internalizing the expectations of the local all around the world, and we continue to proceed with sure steps towards the future with the understanding of 'global trust, local sincerity'. Our company, which prioritized the sustainable success, left behind a successful year in line with all its operational and strategic objectives. With our new factory that we launched in early 2016, we have made an important distance in line with our targets, both with new production areas with industrial production priority and with the capacity increase in our main activity group. In this respect, as a company, we are proceeding towards our goals for the foreseeable future with strong and solid steps."

Sahap Aktas: We made the Good Works

Mr. Sahap Aktas, who is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aktas Holding, spoke at the organization and emphasized that as Aktas Holding they achieved the successful results in 2016; "We are continuing to grow as a company with the completion of our new factory, and the ongoing process of commissioning our new products. However, I believe that we can achieve even the better things. We must continue to develop innovative products in order to best meet the demands of our world-scale customers; We must also consider the opportunities and the business models step by step."

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