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Aktaş Holding undersigned a first in the world: Aktaş Newtone

With Aktas Newtone as the first colored bellow in the world produced with TwicePower technology, colors of the flags, teams and companies shall conquest the roads .

Aktaş Holding preparing to be the world leader undersigned a first in the world: Aktaş Newtone

Aktas Holding as the 3rd biggest producer in the world and the leaer producer in Turkey in the bellow production undersigned a first with Aktas Newtone produced with "TwicePower" technology. Aktas Newtone as the first colored bellow in the world having three years of warranty, a work made by the Turkish engineering fully, being lighter, more durable, environmental friendly, was publicized to the world with a "World Launching" The first bellow was produced in red on account of the color of Turkish flag. Şahap Aktas as the President of the Board of Driectors of Aktas Holding, explained that they are prepared to be a world leader in the independent spare part market until 2023 as the 100th anniversary of the Republic. Aktas Newtone has strategic importance developed in line with the world leadership target of the Holding. The Holding to open a new plant in Russia and expand its Chinese investments targets annual return over 130 million Euro in 2012. The Holding also estimates to complete public offering process until 2014.

Istanbul hosted the world launching of a product in the bellows market as one of the most crtical areas in the automative subsdiary industry developed fully by Turlish engineers and having many features being teh firsts in the industry. Aktas Newtone produced with "TwicePower" technology used by the R&D engineers of Aktas Holding as the 3rd biggest company in bellows sector in the world as the first colored bellow in the world being lighter, more durable, environmental friendly, was publicized to the world with a "World Launching"at interantional level dealer and pres meetings held in İstanbul.

The first red "Aktas Newtone" coming out of the assembly line was publicized with pride, on which all Aktas Holding management, production and marketing department and R&D Engineers of the Holding at the meetings held for dealers and clients on 13 march 2012 Tuesday and for media on 14 March 2012 at İstanbul Swiss Hotel.

The publicizing of Aktas Newtone bellow organized at worldwide launching meetings was made by the President of the Board of Aktas Holding Şahap Aktaş, President of Executive Committee of Aktas Holding Buran Kurt, and Marketing manager of Aktas Holding Ms. Özlem Öztürk Bilal.

President of the Board of Aktas Holding Şahap Aktaş stated that Aktas Holding with its foundations laid in 1938 became the third biggest bellow producer in the world with the production and distribution plants in 6 countries, sold in more than 80 countries in 6 continents mentioned that "we moved anda re moving with trust as a world class company to be worldwide brand. Our target is to be the biggest independent bellow producer in the world until the 100th anniversary of our Republic or year 2023, representing our country in the world with more proudly." Şahap Aktaş, who explained that Aktaş Holding has factories in Bursa and Adiyaman, Turkey and in Bulgaria and China as well as assembly, logistics and marketing facilities in North America, Germany and Brazil today, stated that they have a market share of 17 percent in the bellows sector in the world. He emphasized that they take pride in Aktaş being the company having the largest distribution network and product range abroad with its 100 percent Turkish capital.

Having explained that they, as Aktaş Holding, closed the year of 2011 with a production capacity of 2.5 million pieces per year in a production site of 43 thousand square meters with 13 companies, turnover equal to 116 million Euros, active size of 65 million Euros and 600 employees, Şahap Aktaş stated that they expect to complete the institutionalization processes with the public offering by 2014.

Şahap Aktaş: "We will be the first and only Turkish company being the global leader in its own sector in the 100th year of our Republic."

Şahap Aktaş, president of the board of directors of Aktaş Holding, stated that Aktaş Holding will continue its healthy and rapid growth and said in respect of its investment and growth plans:"We implement new production sites in China, Russia and North America with our investments totally exceeding 25 million Dollars that we have implemented for three years. In addition, we will also develop our production sites in Brazil, Bulgaria and two different cities in Turkey. We aim at being the first Turkish company of our country achieved to be the world leader in its own sector by 2023 with an average growth percentage above the world average in our sector growing increasingly. We decided to use red being a symbolic expression of our national pride and our target of world leadership when we determined the first color to be used in Aktaş Newtone which represents a premier in the world, a work of the Turkish engineering solely and the first colored bellows of the world, produced with the TwicePower technology patent of which is owned by our R&D Department."

New investment in China and Russia, target for 2012 is to exceed 130 million Euros

Burhan Kurt, Chief Executive Officer of Aktaş Holding, also explained the new investment targets and growth strategy. Kurt said: "Our target for 2012 is to increase our turnover above 130 million Euros by achieving a growth volume of 15 percent compared to the previous year. We will increase number of our employees to 690 with our new investments. We are the market leader in Turkey by far. Our goal is to become the global leader in our own sector within 10 years ".

Having expressed that they carried out important activities in many fields for the global leadership, Kurt said: " We entered in an aggressive marketing process. We have clearly defined our sales and growth targets by 2023. We focus on the R&D to further increase our competitive power in the international level with the products with an added value. We will further expand our product range. We will reserve a share equal to 2 percent of our turnover for the R&D in 2012. According to the data of TAYSAD, we are the 3rd company with the highest patent registrations with 15 national applications for patent in 2011. Aktaş Holding makes all attempts to build a corporate and sustainable structure to be a global company". Burhan Kurt expressed that Aktaş Holding has turned into a great structure operating on six continents with production in different countries and continued:  "Our activities in Russia continue. We will create employment for 50 persons with this production investment of us mainly based on technological production. We aim at implementing our Russian investment, feasibility of which was completed by us, to be implemented in 2013. We build a new production-assembly facility on an area of 15 thousand square meters with an investment amounting to 20 million Dollars in order to further expand our existing factory in China. We will further gain strength on the market of the region with production of 1.8 units per year within 5 years. We aim at getting the maximum yield with the advantage of being close to the market by putting our assembly lines in the North America and Germany into operation."

Kurt explained the targets of Aktaş Holding for 2012 as follows: "We will increase our global market share to 18 percent in 2012 and carry this percentage to the level of 30 in the following years gradually. Furthermore, we will increase our annual production capacity to 3 million units in 2012."

The first colored bellows with a longer life and being lighter: TwicePower Aktaş Newtone

In the press conference, Aktaş Newtone bellows which were developed by Aktaş Holding R&D Department and launched globally was introduced by Aktaş Holding Marketing Director Özlem Öztürk Bilal.

Having emphasized that Aktaş Newtone is a strategic product developed in line with the target of becoming the global leader, Bilal explained that Aktaş Newtone bellows are the first colored bellows of the world fully developed by the Turkish engineers, patent of which is owned by Aktaş Holding and designed with TwicePower technology being a technological revolution in the sector.

According to the information given by Bilal, Aktaş Newtone which is more durable and lighter than the bellows existing in the world has a life longer by 60 percent. It is also easy to carry and assemble the bellows which are lighter and more flexible as optimum material is used. Use of optimum material also makes the product a more environment-friendly product. Aktaş Newtone is also offered on the market as the first one with a warranty for 3 years in the sector.

The fleet companies will have the possibility of special production with their own corporate colors thanks to the product being the first colored bellows of the world and may be produced in different colors. Users and drivers will be able to carry colors of the teams supported by them and of their country's flag on their vehicles.

Bilal stated that a website at, only including special information about Aktaş product and brand has also been started to be published with this launch.

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