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Aktaş Holding, among the top firms of the world in production of air suspension bellows, achieved the result of its R&D investments in the "Automotive Project Market" event. 

Aktaş Holding R&D team was in the first place in the category of "Mechanical Functionality" with the electronic suspension system designed by them for light commercial vehicles. 

Aktaş Holding, which has production facilities all across the world, products of which are sold in more than 80 countries, which has the largest product range of the world in the independent spare part group, which combines the global trust with the local sincerity, which is the leader in Turkey and among the first three companies in the world in the air suspension bellows sector, was deemed worthy of the grand prize in the Automotive Project Competition within the organization of the "Automotive Project Market Exhibition" which was organized by Uludağ Association of Automotive Industry Exporters (OIB) in Turkey for the first time with its project in the field of R&D. 

The Automotive Project Competition, which was organized by Uludağ Association of Automotive Industry Exporters in Turkey for the first time in order to put the R&D and design culture in our country under the export strategy 2023, produce sufficient knowledge in respect of R&D and DESIGN issues, increase added value in export, provide new technologies and methods in the production processes, design innovative products, encourage new designers to be trained, develop industrial design talents, strengthen university-industry cooperation and ensure unique products to be offered by exporters of our country to the global markets with participation of many creative projects.  

The project team, applied for the competition on behalf of Aktaş Holding R&D team and composed of Fatih Pıtır, Mete Mercan, Ender Akar, Merve Kolay, got the grand prize in the field of "Mechanical Functionality" with the electronic-controlled air suspension system project for light commercial vehicles prepared by them. The new system increases the level of comfort in the light commercial vehicles. The project manager Ender Akar who expressed their great proud for being seen worthy of such prize said: "We, as Aktaş Holding, make continuous investment in the R&D. We are very proud of the prize that we got as a result of this investment. We have developed this project in order to carry the expectation of comfort increasing each passing day in the automotive sector to the light commercial vehicles as well. 

We have aimed at comfort increase in vehicles and a better roadholding and safe travel with this project that we have developed with the new technology and expertise of Aktaş Holding in air suspension bellows". Burhan Kurt, Aktaş Holding Chief Executive Officer, completed his explanation on the issue by saying: "We, as Aktaş Holding, have given the major priority to the R&D in each period. Thus, Aktaş Holding was the 3rd company with the highest patent registrations last year according to the data of TAYSAD. We reserve a major share of our turnover for the R&D. Even this percentage is above the average of the EU countries. We are proud of the success achieved in such projects".

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