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As one of the most respected bellows brand, we commit ourselves for providing innovative solutions with our face facing the future. Our journey started in a small rubber workshop has converted us a big brand today spread to 6 continents.

The excitement and happiness reflected on our faces when we produced the first air suspension bellows of Turkey continues today spreading more than 100 countries of the world with global trust and local sincerity principle.

In this journey we started with a mission of being an organization developing and make that developed we only focused on our business; we became expert in the rubber area, bellows production and service. However we always listen to the voice of our customers.

The warm relations we established with them enabled that we fulfill their requests quickly and completely by ensuring that we understand their expectations better. In short, we brought being close to our customers from words to the applications. We reached to China from Turkey, to Germany and USA from Bulgaria.

Writing the sustainable change and development into her values is one of the most important reasons that Aktaş became one of the most respected bellows brands because Aktaş shares her innovation mission today in an international arena with her experience ongoing since 1938 and with the support of the R&D department using the modern technologies.

We, as Aktaş, broaden horizons in the bellow sector with the newest production technology and innovative material compositions. The first color bellows of the world, Newtone, produced with TwicePower technology, we developed lastly, has started a new era in the bellows sector as a work of our passionate work.

We know that we are the best in the business we do because we love our business. We always make that the ones who took the road with us to the point where they will reach. 

Welcome to the innovative world of Aktaş.

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