Aktaş Newtone
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Two excellent innovations from the leader.

Aktaş Newtone TwicePower reduces inner-heat of air spring; is eco-friendly and coloured.

Experience the difference of colored & 60% more durable air springs.

Why Twicepower?

The main reason of air spring burst is the impossibility to emit the inner-heat.

We reduced the air spring inner heat with our new extraordinary technology.

60% longer product life.

Why Newtone?

"New Tone" brings alternative colour and different tone to the sector in which the black was accepted as conventional colour.

Based on Newton's Law of Motion "For every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action"; air spring absorbs the action on the road in order to provide comfort and security.

Unique points


Vehicles and fleets can be personalized with the chosen colour.

Long-lasting Product Life Up To 60%

Long-lasting product, up to 60% longer product life.


The optimum rubber thickness; less waste and energy.

Ease of Assembly and Transportation

More flexible and lighter.

A brand of Aktaş family
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