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    Truck air springs

    It is seen that while the truck air spring was generally used in trucks and trailer with high tonnage (>16t.), the usage in the trailer group vehicles and trucks with medium tonnage (7.5 - 16t.) has increased presently. We produce the air suspension springs for use of them in varied parts of vehicles such as in front, rear and axle of trailers and in truck axles.

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    Bus air springs

    It arisen due to the need for improving the driving comfort by absorbing the oscillations, vibrations and sudden shocks caused by the structure of the roads in the busses 50 years ago and today air springs are used almost in all busses in Europe. We produce air springs for meeting the more comfortable driving and more optimum loading in vehicles.

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    Trailer air springs

    It is used by preferring to prevent the cargo loaded and to provide the driving safety by preventing the negative effects like shaking, tilting, jumping, and outing to be arisen due to the structure of the road. In addition to this, it is proven that the air suspension bellows protect the vehicle and load better than steel leaf spring systems.

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    Train (secondary) suspension systems

    The main purpose of Aktaş is to make this strong bind established permanent with strategic attempts and ensure the continuity of the approach innovative and giving priority to the values.

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